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Kerio Launches Connect 7.3, a Complete, Platform Agnostic, and Mobile Aware Messaging Server

An Alternative Email Solution to Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, Kerio Connect 7.3 Provides Flexibility to the Midsize Organizations

Kerio Technologies, Inc. today announced Kerio Connect 7.3, the latest release of its messaging and collaboration server that provides email, contacts and calendar management to more than 50,000 organizations worldwide. With deployment options for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, VMware and Parallels, Kerio Connect is ready to run in virtually any in-house or private cloud customer environment.

“Kerio Connect 7.3 is designed for the messaging needs and IT budgets of organizations with 50-500 employees,” said Scott Schreiman, CEO Kerio Technologies. “We’ve built Kerio Connect as a superior alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail for these types of organizations.”

Kerio Connect 7.3 is an alternative that gives organizations everything they need for secure business communication. Not only does the product give employees the freedom to access their email via any smartphone or email program they want, but it allows businesses to choose where they are most comfortable storing their email.

New features of Kerio Connect 7.3 include:

Ready for iOS 5
Simplifies and speeds up the setup of iOS devices with a new Configuration Profile for easy set-up of Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Those using iOS 5 with the new iPhone 4S or iPad will take advantage of new calendaring, task synchronization and encryption features.

Kerio Outlook Connector for 64-bit Microsoft Outlook
Users who prefer Microsoft Outlook as their default email and calendar client can confidently use 64-bit versions of both Outlook and Microsoft Office with the new Kerio Outlook Connector.

Encrypted email simplified
Kerio Connect has greatly simplified the process of sending encrypted email from desktop email clients or smartphones. Users no longer need to exchange public encryption keys to send an encrypted or digitally signed email.

“Kerio has introduced significant new performance and set-up enhancements in Connect 7.3 that should appeal to both Mac and Windows shops,” said Kevin Klein, founder and CEO, 318 Inc., a Santa Monica, California-based technology solutions company and a Kerio Preferred Partner. “318 works with both Exchange and Gmail and finds Kerio Connect to be a breeze to maintain. It has significantly lower licensing costs than Exchange and better deployment options than Google.”

Kerio Connect 7.3 comes with built-in anti-spam, backup, and archiving and available integrated ant-virus. Kerio Connect starts at USD$450 for five users, additional users start at USD$24.

About Kerio Technologies, Inc.
Innovating in Internet security since 1997, Kerio Technologies, Inc. provides unified communications, collaboration and security solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations worldwide. Kerio is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has offices in New York, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Australia, and Russia. Kerio is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of CalConnect, a calendaring and scheduling consortium, and a member of the Mac Developer Program. Kerio has more than 5,000 channel partners who support more than 50,000 customers in 108 countries. Technology partners include Sophos, zvelo, VMware, Parallels and Notify Technology Corporation

Acronis to snap up disk image deployment market

A migration and deployment tool for PCs, servers and virtual machines

Woburn, MA, 3 November, 2011 – Acronis, a leading provider of easy-to-use disaster recovery and data protection solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, today announced the availability of Acronis Snap Deploy® 4, the latest version of Acronis’ automated solution for deployment of data and systems to multiple PCs, virtual machines and servers.

Acronis Snap Deploy 4® assists IT administrators and lab managers within organizations, such as educational institutions and training departments, to copy exact images of data and systems (including the operating system, applications and files) and move it from one device to another.

Organizations operate a mix of PCs, servers and operating systems, which drives up the cost of management, including the cost of deployment. Acronis Snap Deploy 4® enables IT departments to standardize and control their infrastructure by deploying a standard master image, and reduce costs and time by automating deployment.

Common business scenarios like the on-boarding of new employees or students, computer-based training exercises in lab or classroom environments, and company mergers and acquisitions necessitate the deployment of a master image across new environments. In addition, a refresh of an organization’s hardware and applications, as well as server consolidation or a data center relocation, can require an easy-to-use solution to transfer data.

The solution is based on Acronis’ patented disk imaging technology and takes a snapshot of an entire operating system, its applications, and data, creating a master image that can be installed onto multiple machines. The centrally managed solution can be deployed for the benefit of new machines, or to reimage an existing machine back to a master image.

“Deployment can be a repetitive and painful task for many organizations. Take for instance a University which must prepare the same environment across thousands of machines for the start of each semester. To undertake this through manual installation is extremely time consuming and can be error prone. We’ve got thousands of customers worldwide using Acronis Snap Deploy®– many of which have more than halved the time taken to carry out mass deployment,” explains Izzy Azeri, GM for Acronis Americas.

This latest version includes the ability to customize configuration settings on a per machine basis, such as setting a unique IP address. Support for virtual machines has also been enhanced with the ability to deploy directly from VHD files.

Key features:

  • Per-machine customization
  • Hands-free mass deployment with centralized management and automation
  • Hardware-independent Images – Acronis Universal Deploy® allows deployment to dissimilar hardware
  • Flexible scheduling options


About Acronis

Acronis is a global provider of leading backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and file access solutions. Founded in 2002 Acronis has established itself as a fast-growing international company with more than 700 employees in 18 countries and partners in almost every country in the world. Acronis provides complete, efficient and reliable backup solutions for desktop, server, virtual and cloud environments as well as leading file sharing and sync solutions for mobile devices.

Acronis knows backup. The proof is in the more than 50 advanced backup and recovery technologies developed to date. Over 4.5 million consumers, small and medium businesses and service providers employ Acronis products to protect their critical data.

The company’s flagship product Acronis Backup & Recovery delivers sophisticated technology solutions packaged in an easy-to-use way that allows smaller companies to address their new enterprise-level requirements. Enterprises also use Acronis solutions to address their point disaster recovery, migration and end-point backup needs.

Acronis® and the Acronis logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Acronis International GmbH in the United States and/or other countries.