Bringing Together Secure Mobile File Management and Secure App and Device Management for More Efficient Management and Strengthened Data Security

Woburn, MA – March 27, 2013 – With personal mobile devices fast becoming the first point of daily collaboration for many users, Acronis today announced that it is part of the MobileIron® AppConnect ecosystem in an effort to further the accessibility, availability and protection of critical data on such mobile devices. Acronis® mobilEcho is now integrated with MobileIron® AppConnect to help mobility IT managers better manage the growing number of mobile apps end users are adopting for greater productivity.

By integrating the secure mobile app and device management of MobileIron with secure mobile file management of mobilEcho, mobility IT groups are able to strengthen and standardize mobile app security and compliance, and configure apps from a central location. For users who have multiple business apps, this reduces risk as they no longer need to manage multiple apps or remember multiple passwords. AppConnect allows the end user to have direct, secure access to the familiar, easy-to-use mobilEcho app through which IT can enforce the data-security and data-access rights required by their organization.

“Mobile devices have had a profound impact on the corporate world, having become virtually ubiquitous across all industries and roles – sales, marketing, finance, legal, customer support, R&D, you name it,” commented Anders Lofgren, Director of Mobility Solutions at Acronis. “However, security, compliance and management are but a few of the questions that enterprises and IT are challenged to address. The integration of mobilEcho and AppConnect will negate many of these concerns allowing IT organizations to safely embrace a BYOD policy and improve their mobile strategy overall.”

“The app explosion has moved to the enterprise, and our customers are eager to give their users great apps as part of their Mobile First initiatives,” said Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, MobileIron. “MobilEcho is a perfect example of an app that enables a user to be productive from anywhere and from any device, and it is a great addition to the MobileIron AppConnect ecosystem.”

mobilEcho enables IT organizations to provide iOS™ or Android™  mobile device users with the identical secure and managed access to files and content on enterprise file servers, SharePoint® and NAS storage, that they experience from their laptop or desktop. This includes the ability to edit, annotate and collaborate on any documents. Access rights are integrated with Active Directory® to ease management and support compliance.

MobileIron, the leader in security and management for mobile apps, documents, and devices, provides its AppConnect technology to third party mobile app developers. AppConnect apps have been enabled with auto-configuration, data containerization, and secure tunneling to protect corporate data to give Mobile IT teams the policy and security controls they need.

About MobileIron

The leader in security and management for mobile apps, documents, and devices, MobileIron’s mission is to enable global companies to become Mobile First organizations, embracing mobility as their primary IT platform in order to transform their businesses and increase their competitiveness. Recognized by IDC as the fastest growing mobile enterprise management vendor in the world, MobileIron provides the scalable architecture, rapid innovation, and best practices for global companies to transform into Mobile First organizations. Leading global companies use MobileIron as the foundation for their Mobile First initiatives, including 7 of the 10 top pharmaceutical companies, 5 of the 10 top banks, 8 of the 10 top automotive manufacturers, 3 of the 5 top retailers, 4 of the 5 top aerospace and defense companies, and half of the 10 top law firms.


About Acronis

Acronis is a global provider of leading backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and file access solutions. Founded in 2002 Acronis has established itself as a fast-growing international company with more than 700 employees in 18 countries and partners in almost every country in the world. Acronis provides complete, efficient and reliable backup solutions for desktop, server, virtual and cloud environments as well as leading file sharing and sync solutions for mobile devices.

Acronis knows backup. The proof is in the more than 50 advanced backup and recovery technologies developed to date. Over 4.5 million consumers, small and medium businesses and service providers employ Acronis products to protect their critical data.

The company’s flagship product Acronis Backup & Recovery delivers sophisticated technology solutions packaged in an easy-to-use way that allows smaller companies to address their new enterprise-level requirements. Enterprises also use Acronis solutions to address their point disaster recovery, migration and end-point backup needs.

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