LanSchool Technologies, developer of classroom-management and training software, today announced that Austin Independent School District has selected LanSchool v6.5 as the solution for classroom management district wide.

Shlomi Harif, the Director of Network Systems and Support for Austin ISD, evaluated available programs and decided to purchase a district wide license for LanSchool. “After using several classroom management solutions over many years, and seeing additional need and associated cost, we decided on a district-wide deployment benefiting all of the teachers in the district with better control over their classroom technology environment. LanSchool helps the teachers leverage our technology investments to improve learning in the classroom.”

Sonia Conrad, the Manager of Desktop Engineering, performed a detailed evaluation of the top classroom management solutions and chose LanSchool because it was simple, reliable and performed as advertised. ‘I was able to install LanSchool almost immediately and learn the product very quickly. The features that our teachers use everyday to control the classroom are literally a couple of mouse clicks away. Tests over our local and wide area networks showed minimal additional network traffic while multicasting,” Ms. Conrad said.

LanSchool v6.5 returns control back to teachers in a computer-based classroom allowing them to improve the learning environment. LanSchool v6.5 allows teachers to remove distractions such as games, instant messaging, e-mail and the Internet. Teachers can also demonstrate skills by showing their screen on all of the student screens. Students stay on task because the teacher can now watch a thumbnail view of all student computer screens.

About LanSchool Technologies LLC
LanSchool Technologies LLC, an Orem, Utah-based company has been dedicated to developing technology that empowers teachers to better use computer technology in education since 1986. LanSchool has gained widespread acceptance throughout the K-12 and higher education market. LanSchool offers a product set and price point that perfectly fits the needs of the education marketplace.