Kerio Operator’s Tight Integration with Other Kerio Products makes it a Robust and Secure Communications System for Small and Midsize Organizations

Kerio Technologies today announced the newest version of its award-winning IP PBX phone system. Kerio Operator 1.2 allows small and midsize organizations improve communication, reduce telephony costs, and stay connected anywhere, while providing ease of use for the user and the IT administrator. Organizations that deploy Kerio Operator eliminate the need to have an expensive telephony agent on standby to make simple adjustments to the phone network. The enhanced version is built on the industry-standard SIP VoIP protocol and Asterisk 1.8, the software behind Kerio Operator’s innovative new capabilities.

“With Kerio Operator 1.2, we have found the balance between functionality and simplicity by delivering a product that offers the essential voice features that are critical for business while not overwhelming customers with an over complicated system,” said Scott Schreiman. “Because of its integration and similarity to other Kerio products, our channel will find it easy to deploy Kerio Operator for clients who are looking for an economical way to upgrade their phone system.”

Kerio Operator 1.2 now supports the Digium TDM410 card with FXO modules to connect to analog phone lines. So, organizations can take advantage of the advanced IP PBX features of Kerio Operator internally, and connect to the outside world the old-fashioned way.

Kerio Operator 1.2 works in harmony with the bandwidth management capabilities of Kerio Control, which comes preconfigured to reserve enough bandwidth for SIP voice traffic to ensure clear voice communication. Kerio Operator also integrates with Kerio Connect, allowing users to access, listen or delete voicemails through their email inbox.

“As a long-time provider of the Kerio Connect messaging server, moving to a Kerio voice product was a natural next step for us,” said Tom Bridge, owner, Technolutionary, a Kerio Preferred Partner in the Washington DC metro area. “Voice and email are more aligned than people might realize, and our familiarity with Connect allows us to easily configure Kerio Operator and give our clients a powerful phone system that they may have thought was only available to enterprise type companies for a very competitive price.”

Kerio Operator 1.2 is available as a software appliance, with its own security-hardened operating system, a VMware virtual appliance allowing for rapid deployment in production or evaluation environments on standard PC hardware, and in two hardware appliance configurations available in some markets. Additional new features include:

• Call pickup – Allows users to answer an incoming call that is ringing on someone else’s phone by dialing a special code, even across office “zones.” They just need to know the extension number.

• Busy Lamp Field (BLF) support – Particularly useful for receptionists, BLF alerts the user, via an LED light, whether a particular extension is available, busy or there is a call ringing.

• Auto-provisioning – Automatic “plug-and-play” phone setup eliminates the hassle of configuring new phones to the network. Many popular phones are supported, including Cisco, Linksys, Polycom and Snom.

Kerio Operator 1.2 pricing starts at USD$150 for a 5-user server license. The Kerio Operator Box 1210 hardware appliance, which includes a 5-user license, is priced at USD$900  and the Kerio Operator Box 3210 with a 5-user license is USD$1,400. Additional user licenses are at USD$30 each, sold in 5-user bundles.

About Kerio Technologies, Inc.
Innovating in Internet security since 1997, Kerio Technologies, Inc. provides unified communications, collaboration and security solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations worldwide. Kerio is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has offices in New York, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Australia, and Russia. Kerio is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of CalConnect, a calendaring and scheduling consortium, and a member of the Mac Developer Program. Kerio has more than 5,000 channel partners who support more than 50,000 customers in 108 countries. Technology partners include Sophos, zvelo, VMware, Parallels and Notify Technology Corporation.