Kerio Control Adds New Simplified Quality of Service to its Unified Threat Management Appliance

Kerio Technologies, Inc. today announced Kerio Control 7.2, the latest release of its award-winning Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall appliance that protects small and medium businesses from invasive and crippling corporate network threats. Kerio Control 7.2 brings unprecedented simplicity to the difficult task of configuring and fine-tuning quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth management. This is critical, because IT managers continue to struggle in their ongoing fight for optimized and controlled network performance, especially in high-traffic or blended data/voice networks.

The key to any organization fully utilizing the robust IT security features available today is the ease in which policies, rules and modifications can be implemented. Security policies become lax when it is a major ordeal for companies to make changes to meet the needs of a continuously evolving IT network and user-base. To ease this pain, Kerio Control 7.2 includes QoS management integrated in a simple Web-based interface. Compared to competitive products, Kerio’s approach to QoS is among the easiest to implement and maintain.

Kerio Control 7.2 gives IT administrators the ability to reserve bandwidth for mission-critical business communications such as VoIP, Web conferencing and email. Administrators are in control; they can act as the network “traffic cop” to prioritize important data packets, while keeping lower-priority applications like streaming YouTube videos from slowing down network performance. This is true QoS the Kerio way, it is as simple as clicking a few boxes on the Web-based GUI to reserve, restrict and prioritize bandwidth, either for specific apps or, alternatively, for specific users.

“Applying QoS rules for my users is straightforward and powerful with Kerio Control,” said Brent Ruggles, IT Manager, Grafton County, NH. “I have power users who would be very upset if they had to wait when performing tasks like uploading files to remote servers. To meet their needs, I can create a traffic policy rule for their web activity and then create a QoS rule based on that traffic policy and reserve the throughput needed. The process is amazingly simple, but effective, and it saves me a ton of phone calls from my users.”

Kerio Control 7.2 is ideally suited for small and medium organizations that demand the most advanced network protection, traffic analysis, and user-based reporting. New features include:

• Apple Open Directory – A new option for central user management in Kerio Control and expands the existing choices for user management, which includes Microsoft Active Directory for Windows Server-based networks. IT Administrators can now maintain a single user directory for their network in their Mac or heterogeneous (Windows and Mac) work environments.

• Network traffic statistics and reporting – New tools for tracking and reporting specific types of Internet use for each user on the network. This information is crucial in ensuring that time spent on the Internet is productive and doesn’t expose the organization to security risks.

• Ready for VoIP traffic – SIP VoIP traffic is a top priority for many small businesses, and Kerio Control 7.2 is optimized to work in harmony with Kerio Operator 1.1. It comes preconfigured to reserve enough bandwidth to ensure clear voice communication.

“Kerio Control 7.2 makes it as simple as checking a box to ensure critical applications like voice communications are never interrupted.” said Scott Schreiman, CEO, Kerio Technologies. “A phone system based on VoIP, because of its affordability, is a great solution for small businesses, but it’s absolutely critical that any company who adopts VoIP have a network policy in place so they have bandwidth to support 100 percent uptime.”

Kerio Control UTM is available in a wide range of form factors, including a hardware firewall appliance, bootable ISO software appliance, virtual appliance for VMware or Parallels, or Windows Server software. This provides an unparalleled choice for any administrator to evaluate and choose the right evaluation or deployment option for their network.

The Kerio Control software server license starts at USD$255  and includes 5 users. Additional users are $24 each. Hardware appliance pricing starts at USD$1,500  for the entry-level Kerio Control Box 1110 with 20 users, which includes Sophos gateway antivirus and Kerio Web Filter. Unlike most competitors, Kerio includes VPN clients for all users in the price. Kerio’s VPN client is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Kerio Control is available for download immediately with a 30-day unrestricted evaluation period.

About Kerio Technologies, Inc.
Innovating in Internet security since 1997, Kerio Technologies, Inc. provides unified communications, collaboration and security solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations worldwide. Kerio is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has offices in New York, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Australia, and Russia. Kerio is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of CalConnect, a calendaring and scheduling consortium, and a member of the Mac Developer Program. Kerio has more than 5,000 channel partners who support more than 50,000 customers in 108 countries. Technology partners include Sophos, zvelo, VMware, Parallels and Notify Technology Corporation.