Kerio Connect

Cross platform email, calendars
and contacts for the mobile workforce

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Kerio Control

Unified Threat Management
and Network Intelligence

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Kerio Operator

Goodbye phone technician.
Hello phone system freedom.


Kerio Technologies

Innovating in Internet security since 1997, Kerio Technologies, Inc. provides unified collaboration, communications and security solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide that prefer a simple approach to IT.

Kerio is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has offices in New York, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia, and Russia. Kerio has more than 5,000 channel partners who support more than 50,000 customers in more than 108 countries.

Kerio Connect is the award-winning, leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange for businesses and organizations that prefer a simple approach to IT. Kerio Connect mail server brings business-class email, instant messaging, shared calendars, and contact management to most email clients, IM clients, web browsers and mobile devices. With integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving, automated backup and web administration interface, Kerio Connect gives businesses everything they need for secure email and messaging in one low cost package.

Ease Of Use

  • Share email, calendars, and public folders across Mac and Windows clients in the same environment.
  • Full-featured Kerio Connect client accessible from Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Unmatched mobile device support using IMAP, CalDAV & CardDAV or EAS.
  • Real-time direct push synchronization keeps your computer and mobile phone and tablet always up-to-date.
  • Real-time communication and presence with integrated instant messaging server.

Ease Of Administration

  • Ideal for organizations with limited or no IT resources.
  • Install all components in minutes with one installer.
  • Secure remote administration from any browser via the full featured Web Administration interface – even on iPad.
  • Self-contained services – no dependencies on other services such as SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, and HTTP.
  • Easily set up and manage email, contacts, calendars, etc. for multiple domains.
  • Easily define User Access Policies to control access to Kerio Connect services.

Advanced Protection

  • SSL encryption & support for S/MIME enabled clients ensure secure email delivery.
  • Spam Repellent blocks up to 80% of spam before it even reaches the server.
  • Integrated Sophos anti-virus simplifies deployment and optimizes performance.
  • Filter viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware from incoming, outgoing, and relayed emails.
  • Avoid downtime and legal penalties with built-in automatic backup and archiving.
  • Prevent email misuse through anti-spoofing and password policy.
  • DKIM support increases message deliverability.

Flexible Deployment

  • Deploy on-premise on the platform and operating system of your choice – Windows, Mac, Linux – server or desktop.
  • VMware Virtual Appliance options for hypervisor or cloud-based deployment.
  • Available in Kerio Cloud or on-demand as a hosted cloud service from Kerio Hosting Providers.
  • Versatile user authentication – integrates with Active Directory, Open Directory, or the built-in Kerio user directory.
  • Manage a single email domain across multiple Kerio Connect servers in different geographic locations with Distributed Domain.

Kerio Control, a unified threat management solution, features comprehensive network protection and intelligence. It includes an ICSA Labs-certified firewall, VPN services, Internet load balancing and failover, content filtering, and sophisticated reporting. Kerio Control provides comprehensive management of constantly evolving security threats with the embedded IDS/IPS engine. Kerio Control Web Filter service prevents users from visiting websites that are known to contain malicious content.

Flexible Deployment & Administration

Whether using a bare metal ISO installation, virtualized infrastructure, or Kerio Control Box hardware appliance, all deployments easily scale as needs change. With simultaneous support for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, organizations can securely begin preparations for the inevitable move to IPv6. VLAN support brings greater flexibility when managing large networks. IT admins have complete access to securely configure Kerio Control from anywhere via a web browser – even from an iPad. With the automatic configuration backups to, admins can now access their configuration backups from anywhere.

A Complete Security Service

Kerio Control features integrated Sophos Anti-Virus and Kerio Control Web Filter as additional security services for maximum protection. Real-time operation of the integrated AV engine allows administrators to specify critical web and email protocols to be scanned, ensuring maximum security against the latest viruses, spyware, software vulnerabilities and other malicious code.

The Kerio Control Web Filter web content filtering service blocks 141 categories of web content that may have an adverse effect on both the productivity and security of the network. Administrators can prevent users from visiting websites that are known to contain malicious content, including viruses, spyware, Trojans, or web pages that engage in phishing attacks or online identity thefts. Kerio Control Web Filter is flexible enough to block users or groups from websites or categories during business hours, but can grant access during lunch for example.

Intrusion Prevention System

The IPS engine transparently monitors inbound and outbound network communication to identify suspicious activity. Protects servers behind the firewall from unauthorized connections, typically originated by an Internet bot or hacker trying to exploit an available service. Daily IPS Blacklist updates provide quick response to the rapidly evolving source of threats. Works in tandem with the firewall and content filtering capabilities to prevent malware on the network.

Network Analysis & Reporting

Kerio Control Statistics, the built-in statistics and reporting module, provides detailed statistical and graphical reports on employee internet usage activity. With access to on-demand online reports and automated daily, weekly or monthly email reports, IT and business managers can immediately uncover hidden productivity losses, security risks, or potential legal liability issues stemming from misuse of IT resources.

VPN Remote Access

Kerio Control VPN and IPsec VPN provide unlimited VPN tunnels for both site-to-site and client-to-site scenarios, and offers both persistent and on-demand modes with cross-platform flexibility. Connect multiple branch offices into a single manageable network and give remote workers a reliable secure tunnel with device native IPsec VPN or license-less VPN clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. Scan VPN traffic with integrated anti-virus. Supports standard encryption algorithms: SSL for the control channel (TCP) and Blowfish for the data transport (UDP).

Bandwidth Management & QOS

Kerio Control empowers IT admins to fine-tune bandwidth management rules to guarantee bandwidth for high-prioritiy network traffic types (like VoIP or video conferencing) and restrict bandwidth for low-priority network traffic types. Create rules by user/group, specific protocol, DSCP value, and more. Monitor bandwidth usage with real-time traffic charts. Use multiple connections simultaneously with automatic link load balancing and maintain Internet uptime with active/passive or active/active failover. VPN tunnel failover ensures remote connection always remain securely connected.

Kerio Operator allows small and medium sized businesses to improve communication, control costs, and stay connected anywhere, while providing ease of use for both the client and the administrator. Based on the industry-standard SIP VoIP protocol, Kerio Operator is compatible with any SIP device and provider, and will auto-configure with most popular phones. Kerio Operator is available as a software appliance that has everything you need to be up and running in minutes.

VoIP PBX Made Simple

Kerio Operator is a VoIP PBX system for small and medium businesses that delivers an intuitive admin interface and unmatched ease-of-use. Based on the industry standard SIP VoIP protocol, Kerio Operator is compatible with any SIP device and provider. It will even auto-configure the most popular SIP phones.

Kerio Operator can be used as a pure SIP PBX solution with SIP phones and a SIP service provider, or as a hybrid solution with SIP phones and 1/E1/EuroISDN/analog service providers.

Kerio Operator is available in two basic forms – as server software, or as a hardware appliance. The server software comes in a self-contained ISO image or VMware Virtual Appliance. The hardware appliance ships with Kerio Operator pre-installed. In either case, no additional OS is needed.

Connecting Operator To The Outside World

Whether you use a SIP phone service or a T1, E1, ISDN, or analog connection, it is always very easy to connect Operator to the outside world. For SIP, just use the simple configuration wizard. With the traditional telephony, Operator detects and auto-configures several Digium cards, so you only need to set up call routing rules.

With the Kerio Operator Softphone app for iOS and Android, you can use your mobile phone to make and receive calls right from your office phone system.

Rock-Solid Security

Kerio Operator’s state-of-the-art security features protect the system from being misused, thus saving costs. Password guessing protection and anomalous behavior detection give the administrator effective tools to keep unwanted “visitors” outside.

To protect privacy, Kerio Operator now supports call encryption using TLS protocol. Encryption works on clients that are connected to the Kerio Operator server and support TLS protocol.


Phone auto provisioning turns configuration of the phone networks into a simple task. When you connect a new phone to your network, Kerio Operator will detect it, configure the new phone and assign a new extension. You can change and reconfigure your phone network directly from the Administration Console of Kerio Operator. Admins can also create or customize their own auto-provisioning modules for any phone model within a supported brand and series of phone.


Whether you need a simple announcement followed by call redirection or a complex nested menu structure, the auto attendant menu editor will help you design exactly what you need. Easily configure announcements at the beginning of a menu or after a keypress. Create time conditions for handling out of office hours or holidays. Building a custom call routing script has never been easier.

Other Features Include:

  • Call Parking & Call Pickup
  • Call Encryption
  • & SugarCRM Integration
  • Busy Lamp Field support
  • Call conferencing & dynamic voice conferences
  • Ring groups
  • Paging
  • Fax support
  • Group calling
  • Follow-me
  • Dial-by-name & dial-by-extension
  • Web-based administration interface
  • Call queues with optional call recording
  • Call routing
  • Scheduled call routing (Auto Attendant)
  • Active Directory/Open Directory support
  • Built-in DHCP server
  • Local users, groups, and policy
  • Voicemail integration with Kerio Connect
  • Voice prompts in US English, UK English, German, Czech
  • Emergency call handling
  • LDAP support for auto-provisioned phones
  • Automatic backup and remote storage for recorded calls