New version enables teachers to improve learning with students using Linux, Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 and Vernier LabQuest devices

LanSchool Technologies, the leading provider of cross-platform classroom management software, today announced at ISTE 2011, LanSchool 7.6, the latest version of its popular software for helping teachers manage the technology in their classrooms. LanSchool 7.6 adds support for Ubuntu Linux, Windows Mulitpoint Server 2011 and the Vernier LabQuest science device , further helping teachers teach using technology and keeping students on task and away from digital distractions.

“Schools have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars filling their classrooms with technology in an effort to help teachers become better educators and students become better learners,” said Dana Doggett, President and Founder of LanSchool. “With LanSchool 7.6, teachers can feel confident that students are engaged and on task.”

Teachers in a computer-equipped class struggle getting through to students who are playing games, texting friends, shopping, hacking, Facebooking, or even downloading inappropriate content or cyber-bullying. With LanSchool 7.6, teachers can effortlessly manage this environment.

Specifically the new software version allows teachers to:

  • Automated SIS Class List Import Import class lists from any student information system that can export .csv files.
  • Send/Collect Directories Transfer files to computers in the classroom, including the ability to send and collect directories.
  • Blank Screens before Login Blank students’ screens and even show the teacher’s screen before the students actually log in to their computers.
  • ScreenFeed Watch student monitors scroll by one-by-one.
  • Testing Management Add students who arrive late to tests and administer a wide range of test types, including the new capability to administer secure essay (blue book) exams.

In addition, LanSchool has added greater support for technologies that are making their way into the 21st century classrooms.

WMS Support Windows Multipoint Server (WMS) enables one host computer to be shared by multiple students at the same time. This in turn enables schools to save 66% on the costs of hardware, energy and maintenance and making the classroom easier to manage with fewer computers to worry about.

Linux Support A lot of school classrooms are moving towards the use of Linux devices. With the addition of Linux support, LanSchool 7.6 can now manage Linux, Windows, Mac, thin clients and iPads simultaneously in a truly heterogeneous classroom environment.

Vernier Support Teachers can now manage the Vernier LabQuest device, a scientific probe for diagnostics, in the classroom.

“When I use LanSchool and Vernier’s Logger Pro software with my seventh grade students, they cheer out loud. I give the students a data-collection challenge and project the entire classroom’s graphs as they collect scientific data in real time. My students get excited, ask questions of other students about their data, and learn from each other,” said Glen Westbroek, science teacher and recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. “The combination of LanSchool and Vernier creates a truly collaborative science classroom. The announcement that LanSchool is now compatible with LabQuest will open the door of scientific collaboration to thousands of students across the country.”

About LanSchool Technologies, LLC

LanSchool Technologies is a leading provider of classroom management solutions for K12, higher education, government and corporate training markets. For 25 years, LanSchool has enabled tens of thousands of teachers, professors and trainers to improve learning in their classrooms. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, LanSchool has customers and resellers located across the world.