Software enables Tech Coordinators to remotely manage all computers within a school or district from a central location at no cost for the first year

LanSchool Technologies, the leading provider of cross-platform classroom management software, today announced at ISTE 2011, LanSchool Tech Console, the new management console for use by Tech Coordinators. With TechConsole, an individual tech coordinator can easily manage, monitor and communicate with hundreds of individual classroom computers remotely from a central console, which displays the current state of all computers under management within a district or school.

“LanSchool has focused on delivering affordable classroom management software designed to help teachers become better educators in the computer-aided classroom,” said Dana Doggett, President and Founder of LanSchool. “With the Tech Console, we are helping tech coordinators become better managers of the technology they are responsible for.”

With the Tech Console, coordinators can install applications, upgrades and updates remotely to ensure that each computer on the network is running the most current software. Tech Console also allows tech coordinators to report on inventory and technology usage. To help address the needs of teachers, coordinators can use the Tech Console to communicate directly with them via live chat or remote control, guiding them through issues or alerting them of potential problems.

“We received a great deal of input from tech coordinators on their specific needs,” said Ben Cahoon, Vice President at LanSchool. “We believe that most desktop management products have become too complex for most schools. Tech Coordinators need powerful, yet simple tools to help them manage the computers they are responsible for.”

In addition to remote control, inventory and software distribution, the Tech Console enables coordinators to improve uptime by checking the security settings on each computer, verifying automatic updates and even controlling Windows SteadyState™. To conserve energy costs, tech coordinators can also set and optimize power consumption levels on all computers saving school energy costs.

Finally, to help schools through the funding challenges over the next school year, LanSchool is providing the Tech Console to K-20 educational institutions free of charge for the first year.

About LanSchool Technologies, LLC

LanSchool Technologies is a leading provider of classroom and device management solutions for K12, higher education, government and corporate training markets. For 25 years, LanSchool has enabled tens of thousands of teachers, professors and trainers to improve the learning in their classrooms. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, LanSchool has customers and resellers located across the world.