LanSchool Technologies, the leading provider of cross-platform classroom management software, today announced the availability of a new version of its popular LanSchool iPad application with the addition of a powerful testing feature. The testing feature allows teachers to send tests of up to 100 questions to students who are running the LanSchool iPad Student application. The test results are displayed real-time on the teacher’s console and come back graded with the ability to export or print the results.

“LanSchool focuses entirely on the needs of teachers and how to empower them to be successful in changing students’ lives,” said Dana Doggett, President and Founder of LanSchool. “Assessment is such an integral part of the education process, and iPads are such a powerful learning tool, it seemed only logical that we would add testing capability to the equation.”

The test questions can be true/false, multiple choice or short answer and can also include graphics. Teachers can create the tests quickly and easily using LanSchool Test Builder on a Mac or a PC. They can then be sent to iPads, Macs, PCs or thin clients.

The LanSchool iPad application initially shipped with a breakthrough voting feature allowing teachers and students to use iPads as a classroom response system. The additional testing capability will now allow the iPad to become an integral part of the education environment. The free downloadable iPad application does require a current classroom license for LanSchool.

Go to the App Store on the iPad to download the LanSchool iPad application.

About LanSchool Technologies, LLC

LanSchool Technologies is a leading provider of classroom management solutions for K12, higher education, government and corporate training markets. For 25 years, LanSchool has enabled tens of thousands of teachers, professors and trainers to improve the learning environment in their classrooms. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, LanSchool has customers and resellers located across the world.