LanSchool recognized in Best Classroom Management System Category; webNetwork honored in Best Cloud Application/Service Category.

Stoneware, Inc., the leading provider of web-based IT delivery solutions, announced today that its products, LanSchool and webNetwork, are finalist in the prestigious 27th Annual Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Awards. LanSchool is honored in the Best Classroom Management System Category, while webNetwork is honored in the Best Cloud Application/Service Category.

The SIIA CODiE Awards recognize excellence in the business software, digital content, and education technology industries. All nominated products and services receive a thorough review from seasoned industry experts who can identify strengths and give significant insights for improvements. In 27 years, SIIA has recognized more than 1,000 companies for achieving greatness in industries that expect innovative thinking and demand market validation.

“Stoneware is proud to be recognized by the SIIA,” said Rick German, CEO of Stoneware. “Having two products honored as finalists validates our cloud vision, and spurs our continued efforts to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.”

Stoneware’s unified cloud platform allows users to access files, applications and reports that exist on local devices, public and private clouds. With Stoneware’s webNetwork, IT can retain security and control while providing users with quick, single sign-on access to resources and the freedom to choose their own device. More than 10,000 corporations and schools trust Stoneware to make their users happy, simplify IT and decrease technology costs in their organizations.

Stoneware’s LanSchool software manages and monitors school computing environments and is known worldwide for improving learning in 21st century classrooms.

About LanSchool Technologies, LLC

LanSchool Technologies is a leading provider of classroom and device management solutions for K12, higher education, government and corporate training markets. For 25 years, LanSchool has enabled tens of thousands of teachers, professors and trainers to improve the learning in their classrooms. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, LanSchool has customers and resellers located across the world.

About Stoneware

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Indianapolis, privately held Stoneware Corporation created the first web-based IT delivery platform. Stoneware enables IT to create a Unified Cloud, delivering secure, browser-based access to files, applications and services residing in the public cloud, private cloud or on any device. In 2011, Stoneware acquired LanSchool Technologies, the premier provider of classroom management and monitoring software since 1986. LanSchool’s award-winning technology is known worldwide for being reliable, simple and easy-to-use.